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Prof. Lajos Hanzo

Prof. Lajos HanzoLajos Hanzo, received his Masters degree in electronics in 1976 and his Doctorate in 1983 from the Technical University of Budapest. In 2010 he was awarded the university's highest honour, namely the Honorary Doctorate "Doctor Honaris Causa". Since 1986 he has been with the University of Southampton, UK and in 2004 he was awarded the Doctor of Sciences (DSc) degree. During his 46-year career in telecommunications he has held various research and academic posts in Hungary, Germany and the UK. Since 1986 he has been a member of academic staff in the School of Electronics and Computer Science, University of Southampton, UK, where he currently holds the Chair in Telecommunications and during 2009 - 2012 he was also a Chaired Professor at Tsinghua University, Beijing, China.

Lajos Hanzo has co-authored 19 John Wiley/IEEE Press books totalling about 10 000 pages on mobile radio communications, and published 2000+ research papers and book chapters at IEEE Xplore. He has acted as General Chair of major IEEE conferences, such as WCNC'2006, WCNC'2009, VTC'2011, ICC'13, EUSIPCO'16 and ICASSP'19. He has presented tutorials as well as keynote lectures at international conferences. Lajos is also an IEEE Distinguished Lecturer of both the Communications Society and the Vehicular Society as well as a Fellow of both the IEEE and the IEE/IET, Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering (FREng). Furthermore, he is a EURASIP Fellow. He is acting as a Governor of the IEEE VTS. During 2009 - 2012 Lajos was the Editor-in-Chief of the IEEE Press. He has been awarded a number of distinctions, most recently the IEEE Wireless Technical Committee Achievement Award (2007), the IET Sir Monti Finniston Achievement Award across all disciplines of engineering (2008), the ComSoc Radio Communications Award, as well as the ComSoc Signal Pprocessing for Communications Electronics Award. He was bestowed upon an Honorary Doctorate of the Technical University of Budapest (2010) and of the University of Edinburgh (2015). He has been bestowed upon the EURASIP Papoulis Award, the IEEE COMSOC Education Award and the IEEE's Eric Sumner Field Award. His most recent paper awards are: WCNC'2007 in Hong Kong, ICC'2009 Dresden, ICC'2010 Cape Town and GC'2019.

Currently he heads an academic research team working on a range of research projects in the field of wireless multimedia communications aiming for flawless tele-presence, supported by rich three-dimensional audio/video communications. His research is sponsored by industry, the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) UK. He is the holder of the European Research Council's Advanced Fellow Award. He has been a member of the the Mobile Virtual Centre of Excellence (VCE), UK since its inception. He is an enthusiastic supporter of industrial and academic liaison and he offers a range of industrial courses. For further information on research in progress and associated publications please refer to and

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My Recent Keynote Lectures:

Jan.  2010, Chennai, India
Sept. 2010, Zadar, Croatia
May   2010, Taipei, Taiwan
May   2010, Taipei, Taiwan
Mar.  2011, Cancun, Mexico
May   2011, Budapest, Hungary
Sept. 2011, San Francisco, US
Oct.  2011, Budapest, Hungary
Aug.  2012, Bucharest, Romania  http://www.eusipco2012./program_keynote_speakers.php#2
Oct.  2012, Paphos,  Cyprus
May   2013, Casablanca, Morocco
Jul.  2013, Sardinia, Italy
Oct.  2013, Lyon, France
Nov.  2013, Bologna, Italy
Feb.  2014, Kanpur,  India
May   2014, Lisbon, Portugal
Oct.  2014, Hefei, China
Oct.  2014, Hanoi, Vietnam
Dec.  2014, Birmingham, UK
Jun.  2016, Edinburgh, UK
May.  2019, Shanghai, China
Jan.  2020, Barcelona, Spain
Oct. 2020 Jeju Island Korea
Dec. 2020 Tokyo, Japan
Dec. 2020. Exeter, UK 
Dec. 2020, Boston, USA

 My Recent Feature Articles:

L. Hanzo, H. Haas, S. Imre, D.O'Brien, M. Rupp, and L. Gyongyosi, Wireless myths, realities, and futures: From 3g/4g to optical and 
quantum wireless, Proceedings of the IEEE, vol.~100, pp.~1853 --1888, 13 2012, Invited Paper in the Centennial Issue

(Please press here for accessing its non-specialist Prologue)

(Please press here for accessing the full-length paper)

L. Hanzo, M. El-Hajjar, O. Alamri: Near-Capacity Wireless Transceivers and Cooperative Communications in the MIMO Era:

Evolution of Standards, Waveform Design, and Future Perspectives Proceedings of the IEEE Volume 99, Issue 8, 2011, pp 1343 - 1385

R. Zhang, L. Hanzo, A Unified Treatment of Power-efficient Superposition Coding Aided Communications: Theory and Practice,

Communications Surveys & Tutorials, IEEE Volume: 13 , Issue: 3 Publication Year: 2011 , Page(s): 503 - 520


N. Nasruminallah, L. Hanzo: Near-Capacity H.264 Multimedia Communications Using Iterative Joint Source-Channel Decoding

Communications Surveys & Tutorials, IEEE Volume: 14 , Issue: 2 Publication Year: 2012 , Page(s): 538 - 564

M. Butt, S-X. Ng, L. Hanzo: Self-Concatenated Code Design and its Application in Power-Efficient Cooperative Communications

Communications Surveys & Tutorials, IEEE Volume: PP , Issue: 99 Publication Year: 2011 , Page(s): 1 - 26

L. Wang, L. Hanzo: Dispensing with Channel Estimation: Differentially Modulated Cooperative Wireless Communications

Communications Surveys & Tutorials, IEEE Volume: PP , Issue: 99 Publication Year: 2011 , Page(s): 1 - 22

S. Sugiura, S. Chen, L. Hanzo: A Universal Space-Time Architecture for Multiple-Antenna Aided Systems Communications

Surveys & Tutorials, IEEE Volume: 14 , Issue: 2, Year 2012 , Page(s): 401 - 420

S. Sugiura, S. Chen, L. Hanzo: MIMO-Aided Near-Capacity Turbo Transceivers: Taxonomy and Performance versus Complexity

Communications Surveys & Tutorials, IEEE Volume: 14 , Issue: 2 Publication Year: 2012 , Page(s): 421 - 442

S-H. Won; L. Hanzo: Initial Synchronisation of Wideband and UWB Direct Sequence Systems: Single- and Multiple-Antenna Aided Solutions

Communications Surveys & Tutorials, IEEE Volume: 14 , Issue: 1 Publication Year: 2012 , Page(s): 87 - 108

N. Bonello, S. Chen, Hanzo: Low-Density Parity-Check Codes and Their Rateless Relatives Communications Surveys & Tutorials, IEEE

Volume: 13 , Issue: 1 Publication Year: 2011 , Page(s): 3 - 26

H. Chen, R. G. Maunder, and L. Hanzo: A Survey and Tutorial on Low-Complexity Turbo Coding Techniques and a Holistic Hybrid ARQ Design Example,

Communications Surveys & Tutorials, IEEE Early access, Publication Year: 2013.

M. D. Renzo, H. Haas, A. Ghrayeb, S. Sugiura and L. Hanzo: Spatial Modulation for Generalized MIMO: Challenges, Opportunities and Implementation,

Proceedings of the IEEE, 2013.

P. Botsinis, S. X. Ng and L. Hanzo: Quantum Search Algorithms, Quantum Wireless, and a Low-Complexity Maximum Likelihood Iterative

Quantum Multi-User Detector Design, IEEE Access, 2013

A. S. Esguevillas, B. Carro, G. Camarillo, M. G. Martin, Y. B. Lin and L. Hanzo: IMS: The New Generation of Internet-Protocol-Based

Multimedia Services, Proceedings of the IEEE, 2013

H. A. Ngo and L. Hanzo:Hybrid Automatic-Repeat-reQuest Systems for Cooperative Wireless Communications, IEEE Communications Surveys and Tutorials, 2013

M. El-Hajjar and L. Hanzo: A Survey of Digital Television Broadcast Transmission Techniques, IEEE Communications Surveys and Tutorials, 2013

M. El-Hajjar and L. Hanzo: EXIT Charts for System Design and Analysis, IEEE Communications Surveys and Tutorials, 2013

P. Yang, M. Di Renzo, Y. Xiao, S. Li, L. Hanzo: Design Guidelines for Spatial Modulation, IEEE Communications Surveys & Tutorials, 2014.

P. Botsinis, D. Alanis, S.X. Ng, L. Hanzo: Low-Complexity Soft-Output Quantum-Assisted Multiuser Detection for Direct-Sequence Spreading and Slow Subcarrier-Hopping Aided SDMA-OFDM Systems, IEEE Access, 2014.

D. Alanis, P. Botsinis, S.X. Ng, L. Hanzo: Quantum-Assisted Routing Optimization for Self-Organizing Networks, IEEE Access, 2015.

I. K. Mohammad, S. Sugiura, S. Chen and L. Hanzo: Unified MIMO-multicarrier designs: a space-time shift keying approach, IEEE Communications Tutorials and Surveys, 2014.

Y. K. Huo, C. Hellge, T. Wiegand, L. Hanzo: A Tutorial and Review on Inter-Layer FEC Coded Layered Video Streaming, IEEE Communications Tutorials and Surveys, 2014.

P. Botsinis, D. Alanis, Z. Babar, S.X. Ng, L. Hanzo: Non-Coherent Quantum Multiple Symbol Differential Detection for Wireless Systems, IEEE Access, 2015.

D. Alanis, P. Botsinis, Z. Babar, S.X. Ng, L. Hanzo: Non-Dominated Quantum Iterative Routing Optimization for Wireless Multihop Networks, IEEE Access, 2015.

  My recently organized conferences:

1. ICASSP'19 Brighton

2. ICC'13 Budapest

3. VTC'11S Budapest

4. WCNC'09 Budapest

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