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Head of Group
Name Research Interests Email Phone Location
Prof Lajos Hanzo Mobile Multimedia Communications lh ++ 44 (0)23 8059 3125 53/4004

Academic Staff

Name Research Interests Email Phone Location
Prof Sheng Chen Signal Processing, Adaptive Equaliser, Neural Networks, Learning Algorithms, Finite-Precision Digital Controllers sqc + 44 (0)23 8059 6660 53/4005
Prof Lie Liang Yang Wireless communications, mobile networks, signal processing for wireless communications, molecular & nano communications lly + 44 (0)23 8059 3364 53/4006
Dr Soon Xin Ng (Michael) Joint source and channel coding, space-time coding, MIMO, iterative detection, cooperative communications, Quantum communications. sxn + 44 (0)23 8059 3376 53/4007
Dr Robert Maunder CDMA, Channel Coding, Adaptive Signal Processing, Multiuser Detection, Synchronisation rm + 44 (0)23 8059 3364 53/4008
Dr Mohammed El-Hajjar   meh   53/4001
Dr Rong Zhang   rz   53/4009

Professor Emeritus

Name Research Interests Email Phone Location
Prof Raymond Steele Wireless Communications rs    

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Name Email Phone Location
Denise Harvey dh ++ 44 (0)23 8059 3782 53/4003


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Research Fellows and Assistants

Name Research Interests Email Phone Location
Dr Yosef (Jos) Akhtman Multi Antenna Multi Carrier Communication Systems ya +44 (0)23 8059 9305 53/4009
Dr Osamah Alamri sphere packing modulation, space-time coding, turbo coding and detection, multi-dimensional mapping and MIMO systems. oa +44 (0)23 8059 2730 53/4009
Dr Wei Liu (2) Adaptive, Blind and Long-Range Channel Estimation. wl03r +44 (0)23 8059 2730 53/4009

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Postgraduate Research Students

Name Research Interests Email Phone Location
Qasim Ahmed   qza05r    
Muhammad Fasih U Butt   mfub06r    
Mohammed El-Hajjar   meh05r    
Wei Fang (Brady)   wf04r    
Lingkun Kong   lk06r    
Nasruminallah   n06r    
Thanh Nguyen Dang   tnd03r    
Noor Othman   nso01r    
Anh Pham Quang   apq03r    
Yang Qin   yq06r    
Raja A Riaz   rar06r    
Xiongfeng Shi   xs06r    
Tim Stevens   tas07r    
Shinya Sugiura   ss07r    
Shuang Tan   st104r    
Ronald Y Tee   ryst03r    
Li Wang   lw05r    
Chun-Yi Wei   cyw04r    
Seung Hwan Won Initial Synchronisation in non-coherent MIMO Scenarios shw04r    
Nan Wu   nw04r    
Chong Xu   cx05r    
Lei Xu   lx04r    
Du Yang   dy05r    
Wang Yao   wy07r    
Jiayi Zhang   jz07r    
Rong Zhang   rz05r    

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Tripartite Students

Name Research Interests Email Phone Location
Michael S Muhlhaus   msm1r07    

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Visiting Researchers

Name Research Interests Email Phone Location
Dr Andreas Ahrens Equalisation, Multicarrier Transmission aa3    
Hong Chen        
Dr Ye Fang        
Dr Kung Chun Lee        

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Former Colleagues

Name Research Interests
Nurul Nadia Ahmad Adaptive Antenna
Sohail Ahmad Spread Spectrum Systems, Fast Frequency Hopping and Diversity Reception
Mohamad Yusoff Alias OFDM
Victor Bale  
Nicholas Bonello LDPC
Jonathan Blogh Adaptive Modulation and Adaptive Antenna Assisted Wireless TDMA/CDMA Networks
Clare Brooks Very Low Bit Rate Voice Compression for Mobile Communications
Zili Chen  
Peter Cherriman Mobile video Networking
Byoung Jo Choi Multicarrier CDMA, Adaptive Modulation
Jin Yee Chung Video Coding
Alessandro Crismani Cooperative Medium Access Control protocols, Distributed coding and cooperative network design.
Hubert Dietl  
Bashir El-Jabu Cellular Communications using Aerial Platforms
Feng Guo Low Density Parity Check Codes design
Mahmoud Hadef Synchronisation and Equalisation in Software Defined Radios
Nannan Hao  
Hee Thong How Wideband Speech and Audio Coding
Bin Hu Multicarrier CDMA, DS-CDMA, Multitone CDMA and Smart Antenna
Seung-Hoon Hwang  
Ming Jiang  
Thomas Keller Adaptive Multi-Carrier Techniques for Cellular and Local Area Networks
Jörg Kliewer Joint source and channel coding
Choo L Koh (Augustine)  
Ee Lin Kuan Burst-by-Burst Adaptive Multiuser Detection CDMA Techniques
Fang-Chun Kuo (Vikki)  
Chee Siong Lee Wireless Video Broadcast to Fixed and Mobile Receivers
Kai-Wen Lien (Kelvin)  
Dr Tong-Hooi Liew Turbo Coding, Equalisation, Space-time Coding
Chunguang Liu (Robin)  
Xiang Liu (Sean) Radio Resource Management in Wireless Networks
Dr Wei Liu Digital Beamforming
Matthias Muenster Adaptive Antenna, OFDM
Song Ni Intelligent Wireless Networking
Jason Wee Peng Ng Genetic Algorithm, WCDMA, Chaos Comms, MMIC/RFIC, Antenna Design
Tik Bin Oon Multiple Access Interference Cancellation for CDMA
Chai Phongphanphanee Multilayer Mobile Communication Systems
Dr Joe Stefanov  
Dr Jürgen Streit Digital Image Coding
Charles Tibenderana Multi-standard Compatible Software Defined Radios
Jeff Torrance Adaptive Full Response Digital Modulation for Wireless Communication Environments
Spyros Vlahoyiannatos Blind Equalisation
Jin Wang  
Andreas Wolfgang  
Choong Hin Wong Widebeand Adaptive Full Response Multilevel Transceivers and Equalizers
Jason Woodard Digital Coding of Speech Using Code Excited Linear Prediction
Dr Xiangyou Wu Packet Reservation Multiple Access
Dr Mong Suan Yee Neural Network Based Transceiver
Kai Yen Genetic Algorithm, CDMA, Multiuser Detection
Hafizal Mohamad Adaptive Equalization and Subband Processing
Ahmad Samingan Adaptive Multiuser Detection
Hua Wei (George) Spread Spectrum Communication, RBF Network, Multiuser Detection
Dr Stephan Weiss Beamforming, Equalisation, Subband Processing, Signal Expansions
Dr Bee Leong Yeap Turbo Equalization, Space-time Coding
Jianmin Zhang  
Kan Zheng Spreading Spectrum Communications

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