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Osama Alamri: On Multidimensional BICM-ID Constellation Labelling

Friday, 13th of February at 5pm in our Seminar Room

Abstract - It is widely recognised that the choice of a specific it-to-symbol mapping scheme or a beneficial constellation abelling is an influential factor, when designing bit-interleaved oded modulation using iterative decoding (BICM-ID) for the ake of achieving a high iteration gain. Generally, a larger onstellation size of a higher-dimensional space renders the it-to-symbol mapping design more flexible. In this paper, we
first define a flexibility measure based on the extrinsic information ransfer (EXIT) characteristics of bit-to-symbol mapping chemes. Secondly, we investigate the effect of expanding he constellation to a higher-dimensional space on our proposed XIT characteristic flexibility index, when transmitting iverse numbers of bits per joint symbol.