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Coding with IT++

Please find below the attached example programs. In order to unpack them, first save the attached *.tgz file into a directory. Then open a command shell and type

tar xzvf tutorial.tgz

It will create a folder ./tutorial containing the three examples with
all the files.

In example 3 I have added a sub-folder ./fig/ for plotting the simulated
data to an eps file. In order to run the plotting script use the command
shell, go to the folder ./fig/ and run the octave script by typing

octave plot_sim_param.m

It will create a file called sim_param.eps. you can view it by typing

ghostview sim_param.eps

The plotting script might look a bit complicated at first with all this '__gnuplot_raw__' commands. We will discuss this in more detail in the future.

File tutorial.tgz1.05 MB
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