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IRIDIS2 Simulation Manual


  1. Register on the web page

    It takes approximately one day before your account is activated .

  2. Once you have an IRIDIS account go to your directory ~/.ssh/
  3. Execute the command
     > ssh-keygen -t dsa -b 2048 -f iridis-key 

    It will ask you twice for a pass-phrase. Just press return both times.

  4. You should have now two files in your directory: 'iridis-key' and ''
  5. Copy the public key to iridis using
     > scp -p  <your iridis id> 

To configure your simulations

  1. Get simulation folder template from here.
  2. Untar and install as follows
     > tar -xvzf comms-sims.tgz
    > cd comms-sims; <your iridis id>
  3. Enter sim-template

     > cd sim-template	
  4. Edit the Makefile

  • Set ID to the name you want to give to your simulation batch (e.g. sim-template)

  • Set EXEC to the name of the executable (e.g.

  • Change the simulation parameter in cfgs section of the Makefile. The way it currently is set, it will generate 8 configuration files if you type

     > make cfg 
  • If you type now

     > make sim 

    it will generate 4 submission scripts (*.sim).

    Note: you can type

     > make cfg
    > make sim

    for testing purpose but it is not necessay in the simulations later. It is done by the Makefile automatically

Start simulations

  1. Clean the simulation directory by executing

     > make cleanall 
  2. To start the simulations type

     > make dats 
  3. To check the status of your simulations

     > make qstat 
  4. Once your simulations have finished

     > make getdats 

    to transfer the data back

Additional usefull commands

  1. Kill all your jobs on Iridis

     > ir-killall 
  2. Delete a single job

     > ir-qdel <job id> 
  3. Show complete queue on Iridis

     > ir-showq 
  4. Show status of submitted jobs

     > ir-qstat 
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