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Plug for RobProb on the comms group CVS

Here's my first blog entry. Well done to Jos and Andy for putting together an excellent resource that will no doubt promote and assist collaborative research no end!

I'm going to use this opportunity to plug my RobProb code on the group's CVS. This well documented code provides data types for both normal- and logarithmic-domain probabilities and probability ratios. More specifically, there are data types for logarithmic domain L-values and Logarithmic Likelihood Ratios (LLRs), along with their normal-domain equivalents. These data types are capable of representing infinite values (which are associated with absolute confidences) without the need for clipping at some arbitrary large value. Furthermore, this code provides IT++ vectors of these data types to store frames of LLRs, for examples. Conversion functions both to and from the double and vec data types are provided to retain compatibility with existing code.

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