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BER Calculator (beta)

by Jos Akhtman

The following tool is capable of predicting the achievable Bit Error Rate (BER) performance exhibited by a wide range of wireless transceiver schemes. The estimated BER performance is calculated using a semi-analytical model. The model employed is particularly accurate for uncoded systems, where it may be regarded as fully analytical. In the case of coded systems the model is designed to approximate the performance of the particular transceiver scheme employed by the authors. More specifically, we used a parallel-concatenated turbo-coded system.

University of Southampton: 

Research Interests

Research Interest: Software Defined Radio
Multi-media Source Compression Channel Coding Multiple Access, Modulation and Transceivers Wireless Networking Main Page
Software Defined Radio
Joe Stefanov, David Stewart, Stephan Weiss

In a software defined radio (SDR), functions that were formerly carried out solely in hardware such as the generation of the transmitted signal and the tuning and detection of the received radio signal, are performed by software that controls high-speed signal processors. Because of the ability to be easily reprogrammed, a software defined radio could be programmed easily to operate over a broad range of frequencies, bandwidths and transmission standards.

University of Southampton: 


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