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Simulation Machine Statistics

Simulation Machine Statistics

Time: Wed May 24 16:37:14 BST 2017

Simulation Rules:

1) For each user, do not run more than 1 simulation on any one PC, except on your PC (up to 3 short test-simulations on your PC).

2) For each user, use nice level 10 (e.g.: 'nice -10 program' to run 'program' at nice level 10) to run simulation on other's PCs, except on your PC you may run simulation at nice level 0.

3) For each user, you could only run upto 20 simulations at a particular time. You are advised to use the Iridis machine for any additional simulations.

4) For each simulation machine, only up to 3 simulations are allowed, which means that if all PCs already have 3 simulations, then you can't run anymore simulations. In that case, you are advised to use the Iridis machine for simulations.

5) For the local user of a particular machine, you are still allowed to run upto 3 short test-simulations, or 1 long simulation, even if your machine already has 3 jobs running by other users. However, it would still be advisable to run test-simulations on other free machines if they are available.

6) If you have started a simulation and you want to change the nice level from 0 to 10: use the 'top' command at a linux prompt to get into the 'top menu'. Type 'R' to initiate a renice once you are in the 'top menu', then type in the 'PID number of your simulation job' shown on the left column. Finally enter '10' as the nice level.

7) For exceptional case, permission from Lajos is required, for running more than 20 simulations at a time.


If your PC is rebooted for any reason, remember to inform the system admin.

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Found 0 different users
Found 0 jobs

Best Machine to start a new job on

Estimated CPU Speed for new job in MHz's.
Best machines to choose from are listed at the top, however some machines maybe waiting for reboot.

i686 - 32bit:

x86_64 - 64bit:

x86_64 - 64bit - 4 cores:

2668.00 MHz : dense 
2668.00 MHz : khayyam 

Machine Loading (pid's)

0	jobs on dense      ()
0	jobs on khayyam    ()

User Stats

% of actual memory used by jobs on each machine

Nice Levels < 10

Nice Levels > 10

Users running more than one job on each machine

Machines used by each user (pid)

User of jobs on each machine

dense        : 	
khayyam      : 	

Summary of Jobs

Runaway programs ???...

University of Southampton: