A Fractal Video Communicator

J. Streit, L. Hanzo

Department of Electronics and Computer Sc., University of Southampton, UK, S09 5NH


The image quality and compression ratio trade-offs of five different pels quarter common intermediate format (QCIF) fractal image codecs are investigated by simulation. The average peak signal-to-noise ratio (PSNR) ranges from 29 dB to 37 dB, while the coding rate from 0.24 bit/pel (bpp) to 1.22 bit/pel, as seen in Table 1. Two of the candidate codecs, a 0.28 bit/pel and a 1.1 bit/pel codec, were subjected to bit-sensitivity analysis and protected by the source-sensitivity matched shortened binary BCH(122,80,6) and BCH(122,52,11) codes and transmitted using coherent pilot symbol assisted (PSAM) square-constellation 16-level quadrature amplitude modulation (16-QAM). The proposed fractal video communicators required a channel signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) and signal-to-interference ratio (SIR) of about 15 dB in order to maintain a video peak SNR (PSNR) of 31 dB and 35 dB at signaling rates of 39 kBaud and 156 kBaud, respectively, over Rayleigh-fading channels having a propagation frequency of 1800 MHz and a pedestrian speed of 2 mph.