Prof. Raymond Steele
Professor Raymond Steele is the Chairman of Multiple Access Communications Ltd, and is Head of the Communications Research Group in the Department of Electronics and Computer Science at Southampton University.

Professor Steele received a BSc degree in electrical engineering from Durham University, England in 1959, and PhD and DSc degrees from Loughborough University of Technology, England in 1975 and 1983, respectively.

Before attaining his BSc, Professor Steele was an indentured Apprentice Radio Engineer. After research and development posts with E K Cole, Cossor Radar and Electronics, and Marconi, he joined the lecturing staff at the Royal Naval College, London. He moved to Loughborough University in 1968 where he lectured and directed a research group in digital encoding of speech and picture signals.

During the summers of 1975, 1977 and 1978 he was a consultant to the Acoustics Research Department at Bell Laboratories in the USA, and in 1979 he joined the company's Communications Methods Research Department, Crawford Hill Laboratory, New Jersey, USA. He returned to England in 1983 to become Professor of Communications in the Department of Electronics and Computer Science at the University of Southampton, a post he retains. From 1983 to 1986 he was a non-executive director of Plessey Research and Technology and from 1983 to 1989 a consultant to British Telecom Research Laboratories. In 1986 he formed Multiple Access Communications Ltd, a company concerned with digital mobile radio systems.

Professor Steele is the author of the book Delta Modulation Systems (Halsted, New York, 1975), editor of the book Mobile Radio Communications (IEEE Press and John Wiley, 1992), co-author of Source-Matched Mobile Communications (IEEE Press and John Wiley, 1995) and author of over 200 technical publications. 

Professor Steele and his co-authors were awarded the Marconi Premium in 1979 and in 1989, and the Bell System Technical Journal's Best Mathematics, Communications, Techniques, Computing and Software, and Social Sciences Paper in 1981. He has been a conference and session organiser of numerous international conferences and a keynote speaker at many international meetings. 

Professor Steele is also a Member of the Advisory Board of IEEE Personal Communications (the magazine of nomadic communications and computing), and a Member of the Advisory Board of Int Journal of Wireless Information Networks. Professor Steele is a Fellow of The Royal Academy of Engineering, a Fellow of the IEE, a Fellow of the IEEE and a member of the IEEE Avant Garde.


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